WS1: JAVA projects ecosystems

WS1: JAVA projects ecosystems
September 18, 2019 Gabriela Birsan

As promised, the full article about Java Ecosystems – the topic of our first workshop, is finally published and you’re reading it.

The purpose of the internal workshop series was to manage to have a better (collective) understanding of all the environments and programming languages used in JLG’s projects by different teams. This will allow for the cross-project teams and will ensure that more people will see the overall picture and not only their part of the job.  That is, for a project coordinator, who’s not exactly a programmer to be able to correctly estimate and analyze different stages of the project, understand why issues may appear and when, and also fix some of them in a more effective way.

We all know that sharing is caring and thus below you can find the presentation we all saw last week. Our colleague Valentin did an introduction to Java and Java projects  ecosystems, he answered questions and tried to make us all get our hands on a small project.

Even though the slides seem to have slightly less text than you would expect, we promise that we have discussed a lot, debated over the best practices and technologies and we almost did not have any breaks, which made it very hard at some point.

Some of the discussed aspects were:

  1. OO Language
  2. Introduction to Java
  3. Hands on – Java simple project
  4. Introduction to Spring
  5. Hands on – Spring simple project
  6. Junit
  7. Hands On  – Junit
  8. Build tools
  9. Application Servers
  10. Hands on – Deploy Spring project to Tomcat
  11. Introduction to Docker
  12. Hands on – Deploy Spring project to Docker

Enjoy the presentation and let us know what we might have missed or even what you would like to see discussed soon.




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