Brand new workshop series here @ JLG

Brand new workshop series here @ JLG
August 21, 2019 Gabriela Birsan

It’s a very well known truth: learning by example is the quickest way to learn. And make sure the information is tattooed in our brains for a longer term.

And even if it’s very easy to get lazy, comfortable and to only do the thing we’re good at most of the time, (at least) scientists say that to be successful we have to get our of our comfort zone more often, by learning or doing new things, even if they’re not exactly of our domain.

This is why two of our colleagues, Valentin and Adrian, who read a lot, and code even more, have come up with the idea of having some workshops, to teach all of us something new every other two weeks.

The plan they’ve done sounds like this:

  • Present us with all the technologies and programming languages that are used for the projects at JLG
  • Show us some hands-on examples on how to create a project from scratch in different modern environments
  • Have us all give different presentations and examples, start challenging discussions
  • Making us all very good at coding so that our productivity will increase so much that we will be the best programming company in the WORLD. You know what they say, “Shoot for the moon…”

We will start these workshops having in mind what a wise person once said, that you first need to learn to be the dumbest person in the room and in this way you will learn the most.

Keep close, as we’ll be coming back soon with the summary of our first workshop which we’re sure will also help others, not only us.

Some of the subject we’ll touch in the future will be: OOP Principles, Coding Standards, SVN, AGILE, Databases (SQL, non-SQL, JPA + Hibernate ORM, Spring Data), Java, JavaScript and Typescript, Angular, Spring and Maven and RxJs, Project Management.


Leave a comment to let us know what else you think we should talk and post about next.


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