JLG @Bucharest Marathon 11th Edition

JLG @Bucharest Marathon 11th Edition
October 15, 2018 JLG Consulting

You know what our motto is?


Just like Alex, our colleague, who ran the half marathon on Sunday, 14th of October.


Because us here at JLG have a team of super-motivated people who love to get involved, Alex tried to beat his own time record and, guess what? He did it!

Almost like he hadn't been running for 2 hours, Alex managed to take some pictures with the golden medal, too.

Total time: 2:02:41 (real time) and only one hour more than the 1st place, Alex was number 1211 out of 2303, which is something to be proud of. Not anyone can run 21 km.

Between 13th and 14th of October 2018, Bucharest was the playground for the 11th Edition of Bucharest Marathon and we are really happy to say that we have dedicated people in our team who are trying to make a change, live a healthy lifestyle and be happy software developers.

This is another proof that programmers are cool, too.


Keep calm and code on.


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