Integrated tools

Integrated tools
November 12, 2018 JLG Consulting

Eurocontrol – eTOKAI & HelpLine – Ticket Management Software


As we speak, the number of tools, devices, data formats, and services within a business environment grows, it gets difficult to create interoperability. Therefore, organizations are seeking ways to integrate tools to create seamless functionality within business environments.

This was the case with helpLine Ticket Management system and EUROCONTROL eTOKAI – The electronic Toolkit for ATM Occurrence Investigation.

DFS HQ in Langen, Frankfurt

Recently, helpLine together with DFS (The German Air Navigation Service Provider), one of the most experienced eTOKAI users, proposed JLG to make an integration of the two systems: the Ticket Management system that DFS uses with the Reporting and Investigation tool.

Said and done. Two weeks ago, out colleagues, Florin and Edward have flown to Frankfurt and sat with a helpLine representative to share knowledge about how they can allow the ATCO’s Daily Logs to be connected and visible in TOKAI, via the Tokai Web Service.


The results are not there yet, as it was just a kick-off meeting, but we are engaged in supporting helpLine develop this new feature and thus, to make the user experience better and the sky a safer place.

We’ll keep you posted with the progress.

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