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Here are some testimonials from our clients

  • Sharam ETMINAN, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung,  Corporate Safety Management

    Since 2014 the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH) has successfully implemented and incorporated the application of TOKAI with the help of JLG and EUROCONTROL mainly in the scope of the „occurrence investigation process“. The TOKAI module of data gathering, RAT and report generator are used on a daily basis and for the purpose of satisfying the needs of investigators and corporate safety management. In addition DFS has expanded the use of TOKAI in course of complying with the Framework of the regulation (EU) 376/2014 in combination with the implementing rule (EU) 2015/1018.

    Currently, DFS is using the TOKAI web interface to exchange event and occurrence data with DFS based daily log system. TOKAI is subject of continuous enhancements that are determined by the “Safety Management User Group and Change Control Board” (SMTUG/CCB) according to the agreed terms of references. With the distinguished excellent support of the TOKAI developer JLG and EUROCONTROL, required improvement-solutions are provided and software-based problems are always resolved.

    Considering the vast capabilities, the utilization of TOKAI pursues and strives to suit the needs in the ANSP environment.


    Naviair started using TOKAI in 2016.  TOKAI is used as/for:

    • Occurrence reporting tool for both the ATCOs and ATSEPs
    • Investigation tool for the occurrence investigators
    • Risk Analysis tool (RAT)
    • Reporting to Management, NSA, ECCAIRS and other external parties.
    • Data extraction for trend monitoring

    The overall user satisfaction in Naviair is very high.  The Incident reporters find it easy to use.  The Admin and investigators have a lot of tools and freedom of customization. The support from JLG very competent and quick.  It’s the best support from any IT-company I have worked with.

  • Tina BRASPENNINCX, Maastricht UAC – Incident Investigation

    Eurocontrol, Maastricht Upper Area Control (MUAC) Centre has been using TOKAI for the past 3 years for reporting safety occurrences to the relevant National Supervisory Authorities.

    TOKAI has a user friendly HMI which can be adapted easily to the customer’s needs. The ability to design your own occurrence reports brings real added value to the tool. The local installation at MUAC went very smooth, and consecutive software updates are performed remotely and very quickly.  JLG has a professional team of software developers where any problems and/or questions are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

  • Declan HILLIARD, IAA Irish Aviation Authority

    Through our use of Eurocontrol Safety Tools, we have being utilising JLG developed products for a number of years.

    In our interactions with JLG, we have found the team to be committed, talented and professional, providing workable solutions in a challenging environment.

  • Mónica García Medina, Safety Monitoring & Control, ENAIRE Spain

    Enaire has recently signed an agreement with Eurocontrol for the use of TOKAI tool. The JLG team carried out the installation of  TOKAI on Enaire premises. The support of the JLG team all along this process has been extraordinary, making all steps smooth and easy and answering all our doubts and requests in a very thorough and professional way.

    The first impression of the TOKAI product is excellent, very configurable to satisfy many user needs. The possibility to communicate with other organisational tools trough web service is a breakthrough that will allow Enaire to take advantage of the many useful functionalities of TOKAI product with no need to replace currently existing tools but complementing them in a stepped approach for which we count on the support of the JLG team. Now, it is time for tests and trials!