May 13, 2019 Gabriela Birsan

Sharam ETMINAN, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung,  Corporate Safety Management

Since 2014 the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH) has successfully implemented and incorporated the application of TOKAI with the help of JLG and EUROCONTROL mainly in the scope of the „occurrence investigation process“. The TOKAI module of data gathering, RAT and report generator are used on a daily basis and for the purpose of satisfying the needs of investigators and corporate safety management. In addition DFS has expanded the use of TOKAI in course of complying with the Framework of the regulation (EU) 376/2014 in combination with the implementing rule (EU) 2015/1018.

Currently, DFS is using the TOKAI web interface to exchange event and occurrence data with DFS based daily log system. TOKAI is subject of continuous enhancements that are determined by the “Safety Management User Group and Change Control Board” (SMTUG/CCB) according to the agreed terms of references. With the distinguished excellent support of the TOKAI developer JLG and EUROCONTROL, required improvement-solutions are provided and software-based problems are always resolved.

Considering the vast capabilities, the utilization of TOKAI pursues and strives to suit the needs in the ANSP environment.