July 26, 2019 Gabriela Birsan

HARALD SCHACHINGER, Austrocontrol Senior Expert Occurrence Management, Chairman of the CCB&SMTUG

Austro Control first got in touch with JLG around 2014, as Eurocontrol was already working with them in developing e-RAT and eTOKAI. We got the opportunity to become a part of the group, which assists the development of the two tools with the knowledge and experience from the user perspective.

Finally, during the second half of 2015 Austro Control became an active user (one of the first in Europe) of the new, web-based tool eTOKAI.

Since then, Austro Control substitutes the excel-sheets, the paper records with the new TOKAI and didn’t regret this until now!

TOKAI and the integrated RAT (Risk Assessment Tool) works without failures and interruptions since the first day. And, it is used intensively, every day by a huge amount of users.

JLG had done and is still doing a brilliant job! Through the Change Control Board (CCB) and the Safety Management Tool User Group (SMTUG), the users of TOKAI have to possibility to come forward with changes, improvements and other specific requests and JLG is always taking note an care of the necessities of the customers.

Furthermore, TOKAI meets the requirements coming from the regulator, from EASA and EU and supports the exchange of data between all relevant institutions.

The JLG Team brought us – the ANSPs around the globe – from “stone-age” to the digital, data driven and modern technology.