Adrian OPREA

Adrian OPREA

Team Lead SkyRoster Project

Truly passionate about his work and always eager to connect with other developers. Colleagues know him as a highly creative and active developer, always ready to give a hand and share experience. Tries to stay up to date to the latest technologies and considers himself a full-stack kind of developer.

Currently a team lead of the SkyRoster app. He had the opportunity to work on this green field project which aims to solve the complex problems of the rostering and shift planning domain. The main purpose of the SkyRoster tool is to deal with complex problems such as reducing the cost of the company, increasing the employee happiness, managing difficult scenarios of multiple leaves and unforeseen sick leaves while managing complex requirements for each shift.

Technology-wise, Adrian has experience with Java 8, JPA, Hibernate, Spring Boot 2, JUnit 5 and Mockito, MongoDB database which offers fast querying over complex nested collections, PostgreSQL database for statistics, RabbitMQ server. Angular(7), NgRx for state management, Bootstrap 4 and Angular CDK are also areas in which Adrian applies his expertise.

– main skill: JAVA, Spring Services, Kubernetes, Docker, .NET Framework, Project management, Leadership.