SKY ROSTER – Automatic Air Traffic Controllers Rostering tool

Project Description

SKY ROSTER is our most recent project and it’s an Automated Rostering Tool for Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs).

We are aware of how difficult it might be to manually plan and assign work to your staff and  especially to make sure that all the planning takes into account legal considerations, internal rules and even employee unplanned unavailability when trying to meet the needs of your organization.

ATCOs rostering is a particularly difficult problem to solve, even with the most advanced computers today, due to the massive number of variables that need to be weighted when generating rosters: fatigue management, qualifications validities, trainings, planned and unplanned leaves, equitable shifts and sector assignments, as well as other local work legislation and agreements.

That is why our solution is a friendly, automatized one. Mixed with the right amount of human intervention, it ensures the optimal work planning for your team and quick, effective planning and publishing of the working schedule for any desired period.

A Roster is a repetitive period of working days and days off which operates within a number of parameters and rules that determine the roster such as (holidays, rest period, breaks, day/night working hours, etc.). It can be assigned to individuals, teams, groups or any custom personnel configurations and it can be displayed in many forms: team and staff view, day/week/month view, in a calendar and even printed to be used externally or shared with staff.

The Sky-Roster is a tool that allows complex customization of the organizational structures, rules and man power requirements to make sure that all clients needs are met.



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SkyRoster Modules


Generate rosters which comply with all ATCOs scheduling constraints as organisational requirements, labour regulations, fatigue management, employees’ preferences and quickly re-adapt to inevitable changes.


Simple and intuitive competency management of your employees’ licences, associated ratings and endorsements. Receive custom alerts when they are close to expiration. Integrated renewal process.


Accommodate your employees’ planned or unplanned leaves in pre-tactical or tactical phases. Automated management of employee absences with a simple and intuitive overview and one-click approval process.


Every industry has a very specific work regulation in place regarding the employee rostering. In the field of Air Traffic Control, this regulation is very complex and is comprised of a set of legal requirements, fatigue management, contractual agreements and union requirements. All these different requirements together with each employee’s personal data will be managed through a secure digital contract.


Tailored experience for every role. Custom dashboard overview for every role, different dashboards for employees, heads of unit and admins.


Simple view of own and team shift assignments, events and public holidays. Integrated calendar to manage your working schedule and keep track of your requests.

Time tracking summary cards: Quick and simple overview of your remaining vacation days, extra allowance earned from on-duty shifts performed (training, overtime) and number of desired and undesired days to work that have been fulfilled by the rostering engine.


Build custom reports for any metric in your organization, for individual employees or entire units.


Configure the access roles you need exactly how you need them.


Define and parameterize all settings like timezone, national holidays and color codes.


Subscribe to different events and notifications, in-app or via email to always keep updated regarding the changes in your organization.

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Because we value our customers fulfillment so much, we plan to extend its capabilities constantly, by developing new features, like integration with third-party apps, dashboards or external database import to ease the pre-roster generation manager work.


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