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The EMCIP (European Marine Casualty Information Platform) database is structured to enable the storage and processing of ship casualty related data, as well as data relating to occupational accidents. The database is populated by the national competent authorities of the Member States acting as data providers, who are supported by the system itself in their notifying, reporting and searching tasks, as well as in their preparatory work for conducting safety investigations. EMSA manages the system and accepts the communicated data before they are finally stored.

EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) and the national competent authorities operate the system within a culture of ‘no blame, no liability’ and personal data protection. They have direct access through the Internet to all EMCIP data that are not barred by special arrangement, and are able to produce statistics, safety studies and other reports for safety related purposes using pre-defined and open query tools.

EMCIP stores data relating to the particulars and consequences of all notified marine casualties, incidents, and occupational accidents. Additionally, on completion of a safety investigation, the Member States’ investigative bodies report data relating to the sequence of accidental events, the identification of contributing factors, including human factors and others relating to shipboard operations, shore management and regulatory influence, and any resulting safety recommendations.

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EMCIP adds quantitative, qualitative, and economic value to the investigation of marine casualties, incidents, and occupational accidents by streamlining and consolidating the acquisition and storage of notification and investigation data received from all Member States using a common taxonomy. EMCIP thus enables effective analysis of that data, general risk identification and marine casualty and incident prevention at national, European and global level.



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