Project Description

ASMT is a high-performance monitoring tool designed to accomplish multiple objectives in the complex field of Air Safety Management such as: detection of safety events (e.g. SMI, TCAS, STCA), detection of problems with equipment or radar data and comprehensive statistical analysis of collected safety occurrences.

ASMT can be connected to the operational LANs, where it records traffic and emphasizes safety while providing users with information to fine tune their internal tools and equipment.

ASMT provides powerful replay capabilities as the user can go back in time and visualize recorded tracks and events with ease, thanks to the carefully designed replay tools.


Project Images

Replay Window

Inventory Window



Due to its web-based architecture, ASMT is an outstanding cost-effective tool, minimizing installation and maintenance costs, while boosting accessibility. The scalable, cross -platform architecture allows ASMT to run on any modern browser and from any modern device such as desktops, laptops and tablets.



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