Software Development

JLG Consulting is a software company aspiring to make best use of the local, highly qualified expertise in software development and automation. Its initial focus was the development of graphical applications in the field of Air Traffic Control aimed at supporting simulations and rapid-prototyping projects, as well as, other software applications specific to this highly demanding domain.

Growing from this experience, our team not only acquired in depth expertise in high demanding areas such as real time safety critical applications but simultaneously, expanded to related areas such as providing web based solutions in support of safety management systems.

Our main software development capabilities include

Generic air traffic control simulation tools, man-machine interface prototypes to demonstrate technological capabilities in terms of performance and ergonomics.

Airspace data management tools to create and manage airspace and traffic scenarios to be used in simulations and test data generators.

Development of a tool for the Network Manager to collect and analyse the occurrence reports from Airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSPs): Tool Kit for ATM Occurrence Investigation (TOKAI). TOKAI is also being used by a number of ANSP’s as the main tool for reporting, investigating and sharing of safety information.

Development of online questionnaire tools and associated web-based databases to support survey data collection, analysis and reporting. The Safety Culture Online Survey tool is one example of such functionality.

Complex web-based analysis tools such as the EUROCONTROL Risk Analysis Tool (RAT), a sophisticated application for quantifying the level of risk present in air incidents. It allows the analysis of a single event in order to understand the factors involved and then place the event in context with other events.

Web-based databases management systems with optimised search algorithms functions, an example being the implementation of the Skybrary search and editing tool for ICAO documents.

Demonstrators of emerging standards in Air Traffic Management information exchange such as SESAR SWIM prototypes using open-source technologies.

Deployment, maintenance as well as a major re-engineering of the Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool (ASMT), an application for the detection, storage and off-line investigation of occurrences related to air traffic control. When an occurrence occurs, ASMT gathers all the relevant information shortly before, during and shortly after the occurrence life and stores this information into a database for further investigation by safety teams. The functionality is being fully re-implemented from an old Unix- based technology to a modern web-based platform.